Friday, April 3, 2009

Holy Trinity Rummage Sale

It's time for the rummage sales to start in Nebraska! Holy Trinity has their bi-annual rummage sale every spring and fall in Hartington, Nebraska. I forgot all about until I drove by and saw the sign and of course I had to make an immediate right turn!! People were already lined up and ready to go, so all I could do was head towards the door.

This is the old Skylon Ballroom that was moved into town from about 10 miles away from town, now it is the site of many kinds of gatherings from weddings, dances, auction, roller skating, and rummage sales.

Check out the shape of the building, it's kind of unusual.

This was the first thing I saw when I entered the building, a cool old dress form, I headed start towards it, but it was already sold. Darn, missed that one.

Meet Judy and Denelda, they are some of the driving forces behind the rummage sale. If you have questions about antique items, Judy is the go to gal.

A pile of chalkboards.

This is made entirely from old cans, wow, that looks like lots of work, but it's kind of pretty?

These old tray's were only 50 cents each, there were 8 of them and they are in excellent shape. Gotta have those!

This is made of old magazine pages, I have been seeing lots of things popping up made out of old cards, magazine, and discarded paper items. Oh, just 25 cents.

I looked at these, this is old strapping for the old style of lawn chairs, what could these be used for? Colors are kind of fun ...... maybe straps on a garden tote?

Negotiations? Bargaining ? Looks serious....

These are old meat grinders, kind of an unusual group of three, the one is in mint condition, maybe a centerpiece for flowers? Got these, $1...
Maybe a project for later....

Tons and tons of smalls......

Corner on the market for milk glass vases, got any ideas for these?

These are one of my most favorite purchases. Won't these be great for clipping pictures? 49 of them in the box!

Linens linens, and more linens. Picked up a few if these.

More stuff and shoppers.........

Here's the grinder, let me know if you think of any great repurpose ideas!

Bookends made of stone with a cactus and man in sombrero, maybe headed to the Bonanza for the Junk Corral?

Oh, and guess who I ran into at the rummage sale, Dorothy and Jo, from Randolph, Nebraska. They are some of Ki's followers at Junk Revolution. They wanted to know if the Bonanza was happening again this year, and of course it is. They said they would be there and tell Ki hello! So .... Ki... Hello from Jo and Dorothy!

It was a good day of rummage sale shopping, got lots more things, they may be showing up on the "Garage Sale Sunday" sale. Check it out on Sunday! Have a good weekend.



  1. Jo and Dorothy...I miss you! Can't wait to see you at the Bonanza. Glad to hear you are out there junking hard. You guys always have so much fun!
    Cammie...Matthew Mead and I were talking about milk glass bud vases just the other day, did you buy them?

  2. THAT looks like a fabulous sale--wish I could have been there.