Sunday, April 5, 2009

Snow, Snow Go Away

Here is the scene I woke up to this morning. I see all of you talking about spring, pictures of your flowers popping up, things starting to bloom, and here is what we are still looking at... global warming???? how about ice age....

The chicks and ducks are in but it still to cold to take them home.

Here is my photos of flowers popping up, these are tulips!

The bushes .......

the barn......
Here is the main street of Tekamah, Nebraska. This is where my sister lives, we went home for the weekend for a family birthday party.

Jack cleaning off the cars......

The light pole outside the house, I really love this picture with the snow showing up in the photo.

Birds, you better give it a few more weeks before coming to this house.

The snow blew from the north, people living in the country will be without power at least two - three days. It was very heavy, wet snow.

If you are where it is green and turning into spring, ENJOY!~ Until our snow melts we will just wait for spring to spring here.



  1. Wow, you guys got a lot more than we did down in Omaha! But, I agree, the snow, the cold and the gray skies can go away. Have a good day Cammie, I'm off to work.

  2. Wasn;t this amazing? We got very little here that actually stuck- but we were (mis)forecast to get 5 inches. I was at a show in Illinois and drove home through sleet. but hey- we made it!

  3. Wow your pictures are great, but Iwould not like to deal with all that cold. It was seventy five here today.

  4. The good side of all this is that it is melting really fast, so maybe by this weekend, most of it will be gone, it may be a little wet but maybe not so white!

  5. All I can say is YUK!