Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Flea Market Style Is At Master's Hand Candle Co. and Serendipity Candy Factory

I went out yesterday to start distributing the new Flea Market Style magazine to some of the shop owners awaiting the arrival.....

One of my stops was at Master's Hand Candle Co. and Serendipity Candy Factory. There is a real success story behind this....

Meet Nicole and Susie, they are a mother/daughter team that has built Master's Hand Candle Co. from the kitchen up, literally speaking, Susie was a stay at home mom who started making candles out of her kitchen, then the basement, until finally they grew out of their space and purchased the building they now reside in for the past 2 1/2 years.

They use to make 70 candles a day out of their home, now they make around 30,000 candles a year!! Most of the business they do is through schools and churches that sell the candles as a fund raiser, so if you are looking for a fund raiser, here it is folks.....

Susie and Nicole were quite happy to be getting some of the Flea Market Style magazines for their rapidly growing business......

They also carry some fun bling.......

Purses of all shapes, sizes, and colors......

Some great home decor........

And their new addition of Serendipity Candy Factory... look at the beautiful candies and we even got some samples..... delicious!!!

The bridge ladies were in the shop, now this is a serious group of bridge players, nothing distracts them from their game!!

They are located just south of Tekamah just off of Hwy 75, their hours are M-F 9 - 5:30, Sat 9 - 12, phone number is 402-374-2003. So if you are traveling through Tekamah, Nebraska make sure and stop to see Susie and Nicole, tell'em Cammie sent you. You will feel right at home with warm smiles, fabulous sweets, a killer cup of hot cocoa or cappuccino, and don't forget to pick up a copy of the great new Flea Market Style magazine chocked full of great decorating ideas!


Thursday, February 10, 2011

The Time Has Arrived!!!

Yesterday the UPS truck pulled up in front of the shop, I thought to myself I wonder what he could be bringing, I'm not expecting anything. So in he came with two packages in hand, and as he handed them to me I felt how heavy they were and a feeling of instant excitement came over me!~ It must be the magazine! I had one of those boxes open before he even for out of the door~

There is was the thing we have all been waiting for months t0 see, and it was sitting right in front of me~

I flipped through some of the pages just for a glance, I didn't want to see too much, I wanted to sit down and savor every page of the long awaited magazine.

Oh, something turq~

Something else I got yesterday, had to share these with you too, I bought this whole box of door knobs with these great silver door plates attached, all 39 of them. You should have seen them before, they had been in a fire and were filthy and black, even my husband said he wasn't sure of my purchase. I told him to trust me~

Look how pretty they are, they have these great doorplates and silver embossed medallions in the middle of each enamel door knob, they are fabulous. In all my junking I have never seen any doorknobs like these. These will be harder to part with than I thought~

, back to the magazine, I sat down last night with my magazine and went through it page by page, you will love the magazine!!! Ki has out done herself again, as we can always expect~ Kudos to you Ki and all the Flea Market Style team, job well done! I have extra copies so if anyone would like a copy just email me and we will work out the details.

Have a great week, and may things as special as these come to you soon~


Monday, February 7, 2011

Excitement Is In The Air......Can You Feel It?

Here it is the big reveal of the cover of the new Flea Market Style magazine that is about to hit the stands! I'm gettting goose bumps from the anticipation of what lies behind this beautiful cover!

I have ordered spare copies of this issue for those of you who would like one of the new magazines. So, as we wait with visions of junk dancing in our heads, just sit back and imagine what lies ahead for every Flea Market Style fan!