Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Have You Checked Out The New "100 ideas Flea Market Style" magazine?

I went to HyVee with my husband last Friday, we call him Chef Emeril, he loves to cook, which is perfect for me, that gives me more time for junking. I had heard of the new magazines people are talking about on the Junk Revolution message boards, so I had to check it out.

Does anyone recognize these pictures? If you have been a follower of Ki since the beginning you would have noticed that there are a tons of pictures that came out of Ki's magazine published in 2006. Pages 34 -39 are totally from the magazine that she had published.

If you were fortunate to have gotten your hands on the 2006 magazine I'm sure you still have it and refer to it often, if you didn't get it you are missing out. Wouldn't it be great to have Ki publish another magazine? I do have to say that the choices out there right now are very slim picking.

Idea number 29-37, 60, 65, 78, 79, and 99 are all projects of Ki's. I like the magazine, especially since it has cool stuff created by the junking queen. Get a copy of your own and check it out soon.



  1. Definitely a must-have! It's on my list to pick up at the store!! Thanks for telling us about it! :)

  2. I thought they all look familar! Wonder how they do that, because I haven't seen credit to Ki at all. ???
    Would love it if she would do another magazine or book!
    I have decided I am addicted to magazines!
    Talk to you soon!

  3. Hi! I just discovered you via robolady, and I've enjoyed reading all your past posts. Thanks for the heads-up on the new issue, and you have a really great blog!

  4. I have the 2006 JunkMarket magazine and it is absolutely one of my favorites. I look through it for inspiration all the time. Love, love, love Ki's wonderful ideas!

  5. Ah what a wonderful magazine. I wished I could get my hand on this issue here in Germany.