Saturday, April 18, 2009

Scored Some Junk at Secondhand Finds!!!

Secondhand Finds is my favorite junk store in Sioux City, Iowa. I try to go here at least once every two weeks, it is 35 miles from home, if I lived closer I would go a couple times a week, things move fast here. Libbi is the chief junk manager at Secondhand Finds, she is always smiling and happy to see me. The store is very well organized and clean. This is where Mirabella came from, the mermaid that was at the Bonanza last September.

The front porch is always filled with things to lure you in from the street.

Meet Libbi and Anita, Libbi is the owner and manager, Anita works at Secondhand Finds a couple days a week as well as Old Towne Antiques in downtown Sioux City.

Score!!!! Love this aluminum suitcase, I have a graduation coming up on May 9th, think I'm going to use it for my guests to put the cards in. This one is a smaller size, maybe 12 x 18, should work pretty good for that!

A nice old wicker lounge chair, has a little wear but overall is in really good condition for the age of it.

Love, love, love the bus sign. The picture doesn't really let you get the feel of the coolness of it. The frame is wood but the sign part is actually on canvas, haven't seen any like this before.

This was my all time favorite, the Frigidaire Hydrator drawer, isn't this just adorable. Love those old enamel frig drawers, great for storage and display use.

I kind of have a wierd attraction for old clocks, even if they don't work, I checked them out , the white one works but not the old tattered one, still love it anyway, had to get those to add to the collection.

Stay tuned for the other two stops I made while in Sioux City at Old Towne Antiques, and Peter's Park. I scored a few things from there too!! There is a flea market in the area tomorrow, it's suppose to rain, I will have to get out the umbrella and boots, you never know what good deals you can get on wet day. Have a great weekend and happy junking!


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