Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Here's What We Did After Dinner on Sunday....

After dinner on Sunday we decided to go out and try out the new camera we purchased. We live by an old minimum maintenance road, for those of you who don't live in the boonies, we have many roads that are just old dirt roads and the trees grow on both sides of the road, its more natural. They don't maintain these roads because no one lives on them. There also happens to be an old farmstead on that road, its a great place to get some cool photos, so we went there to see what we could create.

These are my nieces and my two kids on this great old road. It has an incline so you can get some great photos with the sky in the background.

Here they are being a little goofy--------
As you can see we sometimes get a little crazy..

The cousins.....

As you can see it is very wooded on the sides of the road, another great place for photos.

This is the old farmstead, the front porch has this great patina of old chippy paint. No one has lived here long before we moved into the area, which was nearly 20 years ago. My son had his senior pictures taken here too. It's like an outdoor studio for photographers.
The old front door of the house is missing the glass and the vanish but looks great for a photo. I do know the history of the house, I walk on this road and last fall there were some people on the road taking pictures of the house so I stopped to talk to them. The man used to live there and he brought out his kids to see where their grandma and grandpa lived. I love old farms places, many farmers are destroying these old places to create more farm land. Imagine the stories that this old place could tell if it could talk. Keep in mind this house does not have a bathroom!
Happy faces......
We also found an old windmill. The girls climbed it, only 3-4 steps, not to the top.
An old model-T car body, we had to take a ride in that!
An old tractor tire, had to check that big old tire out, WOW!

Then we had to end the day with a few jumps on the jumpoline as my grandson calls it.

That was part of our day, of course we hide 350 Easter eggs, we had the little kid Easter egg hunt, with candy in them. We also had the big kid Easter egg hunt, which had money in them. Lots of good food, family, and memories made.... Hope you all had a great time with your family and friends too.


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