Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Daffadowndilly's - The Shop --

I thought you may be interested in getting a peek inside of the Daffadowndilly's shop. My shop is open by appointment only, the population of the town it is in is 600.

The building use to be an old Farmers Union. The building to the east of me use to be connected to mine by a doorway, but has since been closed. The building to the east was the creamery and the building I'm in was the dried goods part of the Farmers Union.

I originally got this building so I had a place to store things as they were starting to take over every empty space in my home, including my chicken house! There were no chickens in it but there was alot of great junk.

Welcome, to the shop. There is alot of really cool junk in here!

This is from the back of the shop, you can hardly see to the front!

More junk .........
and more ..........
Chippy, garden, summer stuff......
Clocks ............
More things................
Frogs .................
More junk.................
The east side of the shop..............
Restaurant dishes .....................
Kitchen stuff ...................
More restaurant dishes.................
Empty frames ........
White stuff and skis..................


Globes .........

That gives you an idea of how much great stuff I have in Daffadowndilly's. Someday I'll take you into the back room or as we call it the "ruff" room. You might have to bring your hip waders though.

Let me know if you see anything you may need.



  1. Hi Cammie,
    I see some things I'd love to have! I didn't know you had shop space! I am amazed at how much you have!! I see a road trip comin' on. I would like to come up sometime in April before my May show. Also, let me know if you want to put anything in the May open house. It will be May 7th, 8th and 9th. How much are the globes and the bowling pins? Do you have any old wooden canes?
    Enjoyed seeing the pictures of the shop!

  2. Laurie,
    Yeah, I do have alot of things, lots of smalls. I thought I told you I had the shop but maybe forgot since there are so many things to remember when I come to visit you. I do want to put some things in the May show. We have graduation May 9th but can try to get down a week before and drop off if that works for you. Will talk to you as it gets closer. Glad you enjoyed the visit to the shop.


  3. That works! Or if I come up to shop at Daffadowndilly's I can bring it home with me. We'll talk soon.

  4. Hi Cammie,
    I just found your shop by way of Ki's at Junk Camp. Daffadowndilly's looks like the kind of place I could get lost in for hours!
    I own Simply Stated an antique shop in Campbell, New York. The shop is located in what we fondly call the "old House" the original family home on our family homestead....It's at least 100 years old.
    Love old buildings.
    Take care,
    ~ Rebecca

  5. That's so funny, at my family home we have an "old House" too. It was also the original home before the big house was built. It is just a four room house, two up and two down.

    My dad used the downstairs as a shop and mom kept all of her "junk" upstairs. My father passed away 3 years ago, we had to sell the acreage, but the man who bought it is restoring the "old house". That makes me very happy to see someone get it that loves it as much as we did.

    Thanks for sharing,