Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Road Trip To Yankton

On Friday I decided to take off for a day of junking. It had been a long week and I needed a junk fix. I only had a few hours so decided to try Yankton, South Dakota. Yankton as several shops within 3 -4 blocks of each other. That way I was able to get as much junking done as quickly as possible.

Here is my first stop. Yankton Antique Mall. There is two floors full of treasures.

Oohhh! The kitchen table is pristine and has two matching stools. The price was good too.

Handles for all those projects that need that extra little something.

Always love those old metal pedal cars. This one was in good shape.

I think I was stuck in the red mode. Have you noticed all the red stuff I keep looking at?

This was a really nice old RC cola tempature sign. It was marked $45. The vendor happened to be in restocking his booth, so being the negotiating junker that I am, I asked him what his best price would be. I reminded him there were some more things I would be intersted in, so think quanity. Good prices = more purchases = more room for new stuff. He scratched his head and said how about $22 if you buy at least two more things from my booth. I gladly agreed since I had my eye on the red wooden wheel, and that box of handles.

Thought this would be helpful, especially when you have to tie things to the top of your car because there isn't any room left inside the car.

Next stop, Lily Crest Cottage. She also has two floors of stuff. The main floor is home decor, some antiques, candles, and her framing business. But second floor is all antiques, jammmed full of goodies.

How do you like that really cool chippy mantle? Oh la la love chippy.

These old sovenior ash trays are fun!

This is an radiator cover from the old Fantles department store that use to be in the downtown area. Wouldn't that be great in an entry way? or maybe Coming to a Junk Bonanza near you.

The back room at Lily Crest Cottage is what I call the man room or the metal room. It's where you find those one of a kind items and usually metal stuff.

This was a set of six matching brown milk bottles with the original wood crate they came in.

I feel in love with these. They are metal iron rests. There has to be another purpose for these. $2.00 each - gotta get them and figure it out later.

More old things from the Fantles department store. These were big posters that measured 60" x 48" from the 1950's. How cool!

Check back for the second half of the Junk fix - coming to this blog near you.



  1. Love the brown bottles, but my favorite is the knot instructions. I will be looking for it at the Bonanza! (Sure looks cold up there.)

  2. Oh, my gosh - I can't stand it! That red and white table is the exact kind I have been dreaming about finding FOREVER! Maybe some day.....