Thursday, March 19, 2009


A few weeks ago on Junk Revolution message boards I posted a picture of these old cold cream jars. I bought a whole box of them for cheap and asked everyone to give some suggestions for a new purpose for them.

This was my inspiration for the project. This is a vase made of old greeting cards, pipe cleaners, and some old trim.

I used some old diner dishes that I had at the shop, and some cute glasses with flowers on them for spring, which by the way will be on my garage sale on Sunday on my blog along with some other cool stuff for spring.

Wrapped a wire around the top of the cold cream jar and twirled the end to make a place for a name card to be placed in and put a few flowers in the jar and there you have it.

Cute little jars that you can use for place card holders on your Easter table!

Here is my pretty vase! It is made of paper so you have to put a glass inside of the vase so it doesn't ruin your paper vase. Check out the cool flowers, I got them at The Plantation in Laurel, Nebraska. They are adding on a greenhouse and more display area, so stop and check it out this spring, its gonna be awesome!!



  1. Super cute idea! I am ready for Spring too. Thanks for your post on the letters. They are plastic...