Monday, March 9, 2009

"The Shed" At Rural Dixon, Nebraska

Past the pond, that's taking a long winter's nap, preparing to awake when old man winter decides to head south,

Over the railroad tracks, don't forget to stop and check the tracks for trains,

No trains in the distance, proceed with caution.

And finally , the lane. Karen Anderson is the proprietor of "The Shed". She has been in business here for 6 years but had previously been in the antique business for more than 10 years before that. Her husband has been a farmer for 40 years.

Here is the the sign that is awaiting spring visitors.

Meet Pertty, (pretty - but turn the r and e around) she is always the first one to greet you when you arrive. She is 84 years old in dog years!!!!!

This is first shed she started the business in before adding the loft of the barn. Now both buildings have good old junk in them.

Karen and Maddy in front of the entrance to the walk-out- loft barn which was built in 1911.

Ladders, ladders, and more ladders leaning on the outside wall.

Inside the barn is filled with anything from dishes, furniture, mirrors, doors, baskets, lamps, you name it she has it. All inside the loft of the old barn.

A bird's eye view through the rafters of the barn.

This is Hooter the orange cat. He is a barn cat so was not willing to get to close, close enough for a photo but that was as far as he was going.

More good junk.

Maddy had to go over to the tree swing and take a spin before we left. There are two, so check it out next time you visit, let your child-like inter self take flight.

The end of the day, the sun is about to go down but the wind is still blowing making the windmill spin even as darkness approaches.

Karen is open by appointment only, so just give her a call at 402-584-2288 if you'd like to stop by. Don't forget to say hi to Pertty!


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  1. IN DIXON?!?!?! I'm originally from Concord for crying out loud and I didn't know this was here or that you are in Laurel. I'll be calling for an appt. when I'm home to visit sometime!