Thursday, March 26, 2009

Hunting For Sheds????

I know your saying that doesn't look like a shed, you know the kind you keep your excess junk, and all those treasures that haven't found a place in your home yet. This is a different kind of "shed".

A couple of days ago my son, grandson and I went shed hunting. Sheds are the antlers that fall off of the deer every spring. We spent an afternoon and found about six sheds. It's kind of like mushroom hunting, you have to train your eye to see them, so it's kind of like a treasure hunt.
Look at the texture of the antlers. It even kind of looks like a morel. There is a guy who carves these to look like mushrooms and if you didn't know, it would be hard to tell until you picked it up!

Here is a couple of sheds, these are not a pair but did come from two different deer. You would call this one a 4 x 5 deer if they came from the same deer because there are four points on one side and five points on the other side.

Another close up, the deer will shed their antlers every spring and by fall they have grown back and will have another spike by fall time. You do have to get out and search right away because the rodents will start eating them for the minerals. Some of the antlers we found already had tiny little teeth marks on them.

We went down to the Missouri River area to hunt, the deer are just thick in this area.
It was a hard day of shed hunting. All he needed was a sucker, a ride in the car and it was lights out!


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