Friday, May 29, 2009

The Once a Month Garage Sale Is Here!!!!

This is the first of several once a month garage sales that Margo and I will be doing during the summer. If there is anything you are interested in just email me and I will let you know how much the shipping is and we can work out the details.

Happy Shopping!

Some old decorative pieces from a piece of furniture that couldn't be saved. There are 6 pieces total. The price is $7

This is an old round frame, it is a smaller size, which is approximately 9" x 12". There is no glass just the frame. There are some chips in the paint but the frame itself is in tack.

The price is $9.00 SOLD

This is some type of old gauge. It says Sioux City, Iowa on it. I love gauges, this one is priced at $8.00

One of those pokey things that hung on the wall to keep track of the receipts for the day in an old general store. The price is $7.00.

Here are some old consumer stamps, you use to save them and fill up a book then you could cash in the books for merchandise. We need some of these now, with our grocery bill, we could save tons of stamps. Th price for all three books is $4.00

This is a thingy-ma-jig. Not really sure what it was but I bet it can be something else now. Let your creative juices flow. Maybe part of an old lamp? It is approximately 9" tall and the price is $5.00.

This is one of those cool old metal jewelry boxes. It use to have velvet lining but that is gone but the embossing on the outside is still beautiful.

The hinge has a wire through it instead of a rod but it works just as well.

Isn't it pretty, would look great in someones collection. It has a great patina too, love that turq color. The price is $8.00.

A set of four planter plates, these are small one though, the diameter of these is only 5" across. Another great re purpose project. The price is $5.00 for all.

A donkey and wagon pottery vase. It is great shape, no chips or cracks. The price is $7.00.

Finally, the "D" for done, or dikkering, or delighted or anything else you can think of. The letter is about 5" deep, 8" wide and 12" tall. The price of the "D" is $10.00.

That's the garage sale for this month. Thanks for checking it out and have a great weekend!
Don't' forget to go over to Margo's blog and check out her garage sale items this weekend too.



  1. I'd love the oval frame Cammie, and I'll get my GS items up later this afternoon. My stuff isn't as good as yours this time though.
    Ki is leaving this morning, and we've had a great time.

  2. If Margo doesn't take the frame, I will take it...I would also like the decorative furniture pieces. Please send me a couple of options for shipping USPS to 96706...thanks!

  3. Oh, BTW...offically a follower of both of your the GS idea...think I may join in. Thanks again!