Monday, May 11, 2009

I Made it Through Graduation......

Here is the graduate, taking the walk down the aisle, he did it, he's on his way to the next step in his life.

It was a beautiful day, the sun was shining, the wind wasn't blowing, because if you live in Nebraska you know the wind blows all the time, and we were prepared and ready for the party in time.

Now for the decor... I used an old gate to clip pictures on, notice they are all matted and now ready to go into a scrapbook after the party....

I took one of the suggestions from the Junk Revolution message boards to make an "Advice Box", great idea, we had lots of advice, some of which we laughed pretty hard about........

I went out to the grove behind our farm and had my husband cut some pieces of wood from some of the dead branches that had fallen. I wiped them down with a rag to remove any dead pieces and dirt, drilled a hole for the vial to fit into for the water, and finally sprayed them with a clear coat to give a finished look and to hold anything loose I might have missed.

These are called flat ferns, they actually grow in the forest, but are also seasonal, this was the last shipment the florist would get in until fall. For the flowers I bought pots of daises from the greenhouse and simply cut the flowers from the live plants. Afterwards I simply planted them in a planter and they will grow new flowers.

Another inexpensive way to put flowers in your decorations is to transfer small plants from your greenhouse into pots for the tables. These were 99 cents per plant. The cost of the this verses buying stems from a florist gives you a great amount of savings.

I used an old wooden coin dish to hold the wallets on the table as our guests arrived, they could then pick up a photo if they wanted one.

I clipped a couple of pictures to old film reels that were in the brown tones. These photos are of the basketball team in 5Th grade and this year as seniors the day they all decided to wear pink for a game.

I used the glove mold photo holder from the Junk Revolution store to hold photos as well as vintage flower frogs, love those things!!!!

Photos clipped onto a vintage chip clip stand.........

I used ferns and stones throughout the displays along with live plants simply placed in white pottery...........

A wooden gear mold with glass on top to serve the mints off of......... will probably make a table out of this for the Junk Bonanza!
A three tiered plate stand I purchased from one of Ki's sales a few years back, boy have I used that thing several times since. I made little flags for the cupcakes and cupcake wrappers for 200 cupcakes, my sister, who helped me with this project, said this was the best time she ever had wrapping all those cupcakes~Right Judy?
Used another one of those glove mold photo holders to place our menu on the guests. A married piece used to hold the napkins was made of a tractor seat and an old lamp base that I bolted together, old pottery pieces to hold the silverware. I had ladies who wanted to steel that napkin holder.

An old easel was used to display a sign to congratulate Miles on his day........

An old industrial type aluminium box was used as a card box.....

This old wire laundry basket worked great for holding the packages....

And last but not least was the turq wheelbarrow, now I really had to watch this because every other woman who left said they were taking the wheelbarrow home to put on their deck, even a couple of men said they were gonna take it and give it to their wives for Mother Day!!!

There you have it in a nut shell, we had a wonderful day but boy were we tired that night!



  1. Beautiful job of decorating, Cammie!

  2. Cammie, You really out did yourself!! It looked great. You know you are gonna have to do it again for your younger ones! Let's talk about the film reels...I just told my daughter she needs to fill an entire wall with film reels since she and her roommates are in the business! Exactly how many do you have?

    Beautiful event! You should be proud! Congrats to Miles.

  3. It really looked great! There could be another business for you, setting up for events in "Junk Style"!
    Congratulations to you all!

  4. Great job Cammie!! My fav. are your branch table pieces holding the ferns and flowers--definitely going to copy that someday!

  5. It looks beautiful, you went to a lot of work and trouble, and fun for him. I hope he appreciates it. Love all the projects you did, they should be in a magazine.

  6. That is all so gorgeous - I love the glove molds!!! Great job decorating and I'm with Laurie - you should go into event planning - you could call it "party junkie"...haha

    :-) Congrats to your son!!!