Monday, May 25, 2009

Harms Antiques Way

I discovered another place on my way to my class reunion on Saturday. Harms Antique Way... they have been in business for over 10 years, both Alan and Sally have full-time regular jobs, but also run this antique business on the side.

They have the cutest little store front on Main Street of Wisner, Nebraska. There were three things sitting in front of the shop that made me turn around. I will show you what they were at the end of this story.....

They have nice furniture as you enter the shop, but don't let this deter you from what in the next three rooms, upstairs and downstairs.

Meet Sally, she is the co-owner of Harms Antique Way. She was very helpful and friendly too.

We found this dummy riding his bike on the table, we named him Lewis, don't you think he looks like a Lewis?

This is one of the other rooms full of junk.......

I loved this cupboard, I was driving my car that day, so may have to return with the truck to pick this up.

Wow, even more....!!!

Another room full of junk....let me tell you there is anything from A to Z here...

Here is the first thing that made me turn around......

the second thing........

And the third, this is the sweetest little wagon, just had to have it.

They all fit in the trunk of my car and off we went to discover the next junk store.

Harms Antique Way is open by appointment only for now. There son is returning for the summer and will be operating the shop next week. The phone number is 402-529-3306 if you would like to check their hours before heading out. I give this shop a "10", prices were reasonable, merchandise organized, and friendly people. I definitely will be stopping again soon.



  1. Looks like a great place! I am so ready for a road trip of junking! I will have to wait until after the show. How was the class reunion & how many years?

  2. Looks like the kind of place one could get lost for hours in. But seriously looking at those awesome store front windows is just painful. They are gorgeous and just going to waist. Doesn't see know that your window displays can make or brake a store?