Sunday, August 2, 2009

2,140 Miles To Michigan and Back Again

Last week we took a little trip to the upper peninsula of Michigan to Salute Saint Marie, Michigan. The two youngest kids flew from Sioux City to the Soo to stay with their great Uncle James and attend a dance camp and recreational camp through LSSU university where Uncle James teaches, so we drove up to pick them up.

Here they are standing in Lake Superior, the water is about 40 degrees and is like standing in ice water.

Maddy had to perform on the last day of camp in the CATS production.

Jack picked up a bucket full of rocks from the beach. It is pretty amazing, all the rocks are smooth and range from pebbles to a loaf of small bread.

Jack and Uncle James heading to the beach.....

I love this photo of him and the kids, it has that old fashion element but with color......

Jack at the falls we stopped to see, this is close to Paradise, Michigan where you must stop at the Berry Patch where you can get the best homemade foods and pies.

The fam on the Soo Locks boat tour.....

Me and the kids......

Tune in for the next post to see some of the places we discovered on the trip home!!


  1. Glad you got a chance to "taste" Michigan! I feel so lucky to live here and be able to visit some of the places you talked about. Love your blog and I'm always looking forward to the pictures, Dawn

  2. Cammie -- just found your blog through Junk Market and was I pleasantly surprised! It looks like we might live close to each other and, believe me, you are one of the first I have found around here to love the same things I do -- anything dirty, dusty, worn, torn and chippy! Do you have a 'brick & mortar' store? I went to the Junk Bonanza last year (and planning on going againt his year) and was blown away! A junkers' heaven! Anyway, will be visiting your blog again and again! A fellow NE Nebraskan . . . Connie

  3. I was there last year in the tent where I will be again this year. Be sure to stop by and shop my booth, I will have four spaces this year!! Looking forward to meeting you soon.