Thursday, July 30, 2009

Roger Is One Of My Favorite Vendors

Meet Roger, he has been one of my best vendors of the most unusual items and multiples of items, if I ask for scissors, I get 30 pairs. Roger goes to auctions to buy his stash, usually I can find more than I was asking for by just browsing through his building.

Here's a peek at some of things I got from my last visit, 9 buckets, 3 black and white signs, 10 oil cans, a shoe stay, brown bottles, tan letters, pulleys and more....

Roger lives in an old school house, it was Rose Hill, District 67, he and his wife renovated the school and have made it their home.

It's an old stucco school...

I asked for kerosene lamps holders, and I get 8 of them!!!

Scissors..... and wa la... 30 pairs.....

Here is a peek into the back of the building where he keeps all his treasures. I always find more than I came for......

Pulleys and oil cans......

License plates, 78 records, garden tools and brown bottles.....

Can't wait to get busy cleaning and creating!



  1. WOW!!! I want to visit him! :)
    Can't wait to see what you create!!!

  2. Looks like another gold mine of a spot!!! You always find 'em!
    What's the plan for the scissors?

  3. What a wonderful place, I'd love to play in there for awhile.

  4. I hope heaven looks a little like this!!

  5. You hang out in all the right places with all the right people! Bring me!