Sunday, January 9, 2011

It Makes A Great Photo.....

We went to Lincoln for the Nebraska game last night but when we woke this morning we had a coating of the white stuff covering the ground as well as falling from the sky.

As we travel towards home I always make my husband drive through small towns to check out the main street just in case there is a place I need to investigate for junk. This sign is what I found so had to snap a photo of it, the white stuff made it perfect.

The roads were the opposite, not so perfect. We made it home safely, got a fire in the fireplace, and are hunkered down for a snowy few days. If you are in the path of the snow, break out the hot chocolate and your favorite blanket.


  1. Glad you got home safe and sound! It's still snowing here too. I'm so ready for small town road trip... the picture makes me want to go even more. Love the old buildings & the sign!
    We are looking at renting some workspace. If we do we need to find some other outlets for furniture. If you run across any places in your travels that might be interested let us know!
    Stay warm... enjoy you're hot chocolate!