Monday, October 12, 2009

Scrap Junk!

My son is in the logging business/scrap iron, I have been training him to understand what he SHOULD throw and what he SHOULD NOT throw away. Here are a few things he saved for me!

There are galvanized wind mill blade sections, steel wheels, buckets, a pile of old tractor seats, wooden wagon wheel rings, small gears, decorative cast iron parts from an old cook stove, and much more!
I love these doors, their off of an old 50's Ford, it was a four door car, don't you just love the color of these?

The fenders were even there, I could see these on a wall in a bar....

Here is the hood, could make a really cool headboard in a bedroom.....

Gotta get going and to do some cleaning, scrubbing, and washing before the snow starts flying, oh, I forgot, it already has been flying here in Nebraska, better get busy before it gets to deep!



  1. THE BEST junk comes to your door!

  2. Cammie, Of course I know who you are and remember meeting you!!!! Ki talks about you all the time...and to me, you are like the rockstar of the Bonanza! I read your blog and will add it to my sidebar - I am going to be redoing my blog soon....stay tuned! Your booth was awesome! Look forward to seeing you again, stay in touch! When do you get to Minnesota??? xo - Jill

  3. Love the top photo!!! I found another funnel and a childs beach shovel on my trip this weekend! Jennifer

  4. Cammie, Gave a blog award to you today on my blog. Come over and collect! Have a great day. Jill