Friday, October 9, 2009

It Was A Great Day in the Country!

Junk, that is the work that describes it all, everyone had a great day searching for the perfect treasure to take home, especially since we had a bargain corner in the shop chucked full of piles of bargains for the day, but you had to hunt and gather to find your prize.

We had buckets of mums through out the shop, there were two lucky winners who each won one of these buckets. Dorothy Jensen from Randolph, and Diane Wemhoff from Coleridge, who have both happily picked up their winnings.

We had piles of hardware stacked up for the creative shoppers....

Meet Barb, she drove 91 miles to attend the event, she is sitting among the treasures she found to take home with her. Barb doesn't know it yet but, she will be getting a special delivery package in the mail for having traveled the longest distance to attend.

A collection of way cool soda pop bottles...

The bargain corner, now don't you wish you were there to dig through some of that? I do a bargain corner at every fall sale, most things are a dollar!

Chalkboards you can use to write your own message for each season.....

A few things from the "browns" corner......

The door in the background came out of an old house that they will be burning down this weekend, it's an old pocket door that measures 6' by 7', and boy is that baby heavy!!!! Makes a great wall though.

Little white pumpkins.....

Great orange sign for the fall....

The mirror was just rescued from an old schoolhouse that has been empty for 40 years.....

Bitter sweet on the metal swing seat.....

Great old turq typewriter.....

One of my favorite new purchases, this set is in great shape, the cording is chartreuse in color!

Later in the afternoon we were looking around in the bargain corner, found this fun glasses and the hat, looks good on him huh? This was my husband's expression when I told him how many people we had stop by the shop.

Thank you to everyone who stopped in, it was great to meet the bloggers who made the trip to meet me in person. We will be having a holiday show coming in November, just watch the blog or email for the announcement. See you soon.



  1. So wished I could have joined you this past weekend! Please let me know the next time you do another "Day in The Country"! I will bring a suburban of gals and a trailer to haul our treasures! OH and yes your face looks so familiar!! I thought I would share with you too that in Johnstown Nebraska we have an old store downtown that opens 4 times a year with trash made into amazing treasures. Their prices are amazing! You should come this way and we could meet up. They will be open on the 17th,18th and then again on the 24th and 25th.

  2. Awesome shop Cammie! Did those windows happen to come from the junk jaunt at an old school out in the country? Look familiar anyway!

  3. The windows did not come from an old school house but did come from an old courthouse.

    Roxanne, am planning on making the trip out to your neck of the woods on the 17th or 24th. Let me know if it is this month. Would love to see you again!

    Just keep an eye on the blog, I will post whenever I am having any events so all of you can come over and visit.

  4. I spy lots of treasures in your $1.00 corner! Darn, I missed it! Yes, I know Barb! She is my customer that gave me the horse bridge cards that we put in the Coral at the Bonanza!! It is a small world! She is a very nice gal! The store looked great, Cammie!
    Laurie :)

  5. Oh, tell David the hat & glasses is just the look for him!
    Laurie :)

  6. Haven't been able to find the berry branches or bittersweet I'd like to decorate with in my area - but I guess it's just as well since my cats get into floral arrangements to clean their teeth when I have them. I had planned some spectacular outdoor arrangements though! Jennifer