Thursday, September 24, 2009

150 Locker Baskets In My Expedition!

Just had to slip this story in, yesterday I got a call from a lady telling me they had 150 locker baskets from the YMCA because they were remodeling, taking the old locker baskets out and putting in new ones, she wanted to know if I would be interested. My answer was OF COURSE! So I headed off to pick them up. Here is a few of them!

Check out the so cool brass tags with the black numbers, aren't they just the cutest locker baskets you could ever ask for?

I'm so excited! A little seed for next year's Bonanza! Wait till you see what else I got yesterday. I'll give you a clue, it's green, embossed, chrome and has a little punch of chartreuse color. It also was in the Expedition yesterday, I'm such a good packer!

Today I'm off to the Nebraska Junk Jaunt. It's a 300 hundred mile garage sale in west central Nebraska. Can't wait, will take photos and share with you when I get back. See ya then!



  1. Have a fun and safe trip on the Jaunt! I so wish I was going. I love the locker baskets too! I'm just going to have live vicariously through your junking journeys! I say it time and time again, but I am still amazed at your finds.
    Hope you find lots!

  2. Oh my gosh! What a haul! Can't wait to see what you get on the Jaunt! Dawn

  3. I just did a post on my entryway using some old locker baskets.

    You'll need to check it out.

  4. could you give us some ideas how to use these wire locker baskets? I bought one recently and would love some ideas!!

  5. I always love them to store things in. How about an office with a shelf of locker baskets with your supplies in them, an entry way with a row of baskets underneath the bench for storing hats, mittens, scarves and etc., I saw a lady at the Junk Bonanza that used them in a vanity where the doors used to be on each side she put locker baskets in each side because the doors were missing on the vanity, bathroom for storing extra towels and linens for your guests, kids rooms for storing all their socks, undies, pajamas, and tshirts, use on a table to store the napkins and silverware, put the silverware in cool old glasses and put them in the locker basket with the napkins. Hope this gives some idea of what you can do with your locker basket!

  6. OH MY GOSH....what a score!!! Great baskets.
    Happy day.

  7. you lucky dog!!! they are so popular ...
    love seeing all your pictures!!!