Wednesday, June 24, 2009

A Great Find At the Auction on Saturday!

This past weekend we loaded up on Saturday morning and headed out to a couple of auctions. The first one was in Yankton, South Dakota, the sale had already started when we arrived, so we proceeded to look through the items for sale. There wasn't very many things I was interested in but some old clocks, so we waited until they came to them and I got them ALL. Once we got the clocks we decided to head out to the other sale which was about 30 minutes away. Boy am I glad we decided to go......

These are the dishes I have been collecting for about 20 years now. I usually only find one piece at a time and next to never do I find a piece of dinnerware. As you can see from the photo I have salt and pepper shakers, bowls, pitchers, a few cups, and now remember I have found these ONE piece at a time....
Serving bowls....

The pattern is called "Bittersweet" and the pottery company is Ballerina which was later sold to Universal Pottery Company. Some of the pieces are marked with "Ballerina" and some with "Universal".

I have two of these bubble pitchers......

Now for the rest of the story..... so when we arrived at the second auction I started looking around and was I surprised to find a box of dinnerware that matched my dishes that I have been collecting for 20 years!~~~~Sooooooo, I watched carefully until the box came up for auction, there were 6 boxes and you had choice..... there was a guy next to me with a long braided ponytail and he starts bidding against me........ I showed no fear.........but he wouldn't stop...... I stopped because I thought there must be something in one of those other boxes that he wants, but it couldn't be the DISHES, right?......... WRONG....... The first box he takes is the dishes... now imagine my heart sinking...... but only for a moment..... as he picked up his box I followed don't worry, I wasn't thinking of bopping him on the head and taking the dishes and running.... instead I went up to him and asked him if he wanted the dishes with the red flowers on them because there where some other dishes in that box too, so I was hoping that those were the ones he wanted. He looked at me and said, "You want those, I don't want those, there are some Homer Laughton dishes in the box that I wanted. I'll sell them to you for $10."

Now was I excited or what, I tried not to show to much excitement as he boxed them up for me into an empty box and I paid the man $10!!!!!!!! I quickly picked them up and loaded them into my car, almost skipping as I went. When we got home it was the first thing I got out and washed all the pieces, I then counted them........ I got 41 pieces if dinnerware, including dinner plates, dessert plates, cup and saucers, small dessert bowls, and more bowls.

I now have enough dishes in my set to be able to set a whole table now!!!! How exciting is that?

It is by far my best find yet this year at auction. So remember.... even if someone buys what you wanted, at least go and talk to them and try to do some side buying, they may of wanted something else in the box besides what you wanted and will be willing to sell it to you and make back a little money on the thing they wanted, if not they will just say no.


  1. I love happy endings like these! Congrats and thanks for sharing.

  2. You must be livin' right, girl!! They were meant to be yours! Thanks for the pictures!

  3. I love the dishes!!! What an awesome find!!!

  4. What a great story, and I'm glad you got your dishes.

  5. Yeah for you!! I always side deal with people and it's fun.

  6. Sooo true- good advice...and in the end- it was a steal!