Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Whistle Stop's "Lazy Days of Summer Sale"

The Whistle Stop Country Store had their "Lazy Days of Summer" sale this weekend. I made the 3 hour trip to Elkhorn , Nebraska, where I dropped off some things for her sale. Laurie has owned her shop for over 20 years now. I use to attend her sales 20 years ago before I knew Laurie, loved her style then as much as I do now.

Their cute little sign on the side of the building. This building use to be a train depot. It is a quaint little shop with lots of character and history.

Laurie had this great basket hanging on the fence to greet me when I arrived!

Meet Laurie and Robert, they are the proud owners of the Whistle Stop. Laurie runs the shop and her husband Robert is the furniture maker/painter. He is very creative as you will see....

There are handmade items throughout the shop, check out the flower pillow and the springy bumblebee!

This is one of the cupboards Robert made, he used an old screen door for the front of the cupboard.

Laurie's displays are wonderful, gotta love this old scale.......

Americana everywhere.........

Laurie makes and paints these slices of watermelon, they look good enough to eat....

This flower was created out an old oak barrel slat, also painted by Laurie.....

This is an old piece with new handles, that was redone by Robert......

They do lots of old chairs and paint them different colors, don't you just love the finish.....

Here is an cupboard made with an old shutter as the door. Robert's work is perfection!

I love this piece, it's a maple wall cabinet that they painted black, I absolutely love the finished product, this too is an old piece given new life by the paint finish that is famous to Whistle Stop.

Saw lots of yo-yo's throughout the shop, I made some of these one time, they are very time consuming. Here Laurie made gift tags of of them and used a little old button for the center of the flower.

Next time you are in the Elkhorn, Nebraska area stop and check out the Whistle Stop.

They will be open on the 27Th of June for Elkhorn Days. Laurie has occasional sales throughout the summer with the next big event being on July 25Th, but makes sure and check her website for all the details. I'm sure you will have a good time, it will be worth the trip!


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  1. Thanks again for posting The Whistle Stop on your blog! Robert says Thank You too! I am sending in our app. tomorrow for Junk Bonanza! Yippee! Now it's time to get working!
    Laurie :)