Thursday, September 29, 2011

Some of The Goods.... Up Close...!!!!

Here are the pics of some of the goods from the Junk Jaunt 2011, up close and personal.  enjoy the view!!

This is just part of the take, we are still cleaning and sorting but this gives you an idea of what kind of cool things we found.  Totally worth the trip!



  1. WHOA......You made out like a bandit!!!
    Nothing is more fun than a huge haul of fab junk!!

  2. So when can M and I come to see these treasures in person? I'm feeling the need for some junking myself!

  3. Boy you did get a lot of really good junk!! Love the little drawers, and the old gate, and that stack of plates and pitcher, and good gosh I could keep going and going.... you did good!! :-)

  4. *pfffft*

    i wanna go shopping with you!!! i just looked at your awesome finds for a good 30 minutes! LOL