Monday, September 19, 2011

Junk Bonanza 2011~

Here are a few photos from the Junk Bonanza this weekend, we are still trying to re coop from a whirlwind weekend.

This year has by far out done any year before this, more customers, more vendors, more great junk and a collection of some of the most creative people from around the country!

Just want to thank all of you who visited us at our booth at the Bonanza, I love you all!  You are what makes all the hard work and planning worth it!  For now, get a cup of coffee and enjoy the pics... cause I'm still dizzy%(&@#)&



  1. You always have the best goodies, Cammie! Such a fun time!

  2. Cammie, so glad we got to visit, even if most of it was in the car hunting for an Outback steak house. :)

    I never got back to buy those trinkets from you, I think you put them in a bag in the cash box. We'll settle up when you rest a bit. Also I need to talk to you about some skeleton keys.

    email me.


  3. Are all of these photos from your booths Cammie? I'm so glad you had a great show!