Sunday, July 31, 2011

Trip To Denver....Urban Home + Design.... and ..... Prince Street Dried Goods

Last week we took a load of merchandise out to Urban Home + Design and Prince Street Dried Goods in Denver. The area that these shops are in is beautiful.

This is Sandy and Sandi, they both work at Prince Street and Urban Design.

Some great metal boxes with hand painted numbers.....

Loved the chairs on this table, they were metal and white colored, all matching.....

Love old trophy s...

Some Great Architectural pieces....

If you get a chance stop in and say "hi" to Holly, she is the store owner, make it a stop, well worth the trip. She is located in the South Glenn Shopping area in Centennial, Colorado. Check out her website at Old Glory Antiques.

She also has a blog and is on facebook, where she has posted some of the great things we delivered to her. So hop on over and check it out, your gonna drool!



  1. Oh, you lucky duck! I'd love to see her store in person someday. I went to the original one in Conifer before they sold it. I'll hop on over to the blog and see what great things you took over there. I will try and get over to Junque Factory on Friday to see you. Will you be hangin' in town the entire weekend? Might be able to do chocolate cake if you are!

  2. Love the architectural pieces!! Drool!!

  3. Goodness... I want to go on a road trip with you!!!

    ;-D robelyn