Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Road Trip with the Fam...

This past weekend I took off to go visit my sister, so we headed to Omaha to check out some places in the Old Market area. One of the places we stopped was the Vintage Flying Worm, super store with great vintage clothing from the 70's.

They had great pieces made from some popular fabrics from that era...

The girls had a great time trying on some of the fashions

and the eye glasses!

We also had to go and get some the world famous Skeet's barbecue ribs. My dad use to sell firewood to Skeet's when we were kids so we had to go seek it out and see if it was still there.

They still taste the same as they did all those years ago, now if they just had t-shirts! Darn! Are there any places you have revisited lately from your childhood?


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