Sunday, August 11, 2013

A Double Auction Weekend... Score!

We had a busy weekend, with two auctions to go to, but it was a success despite the rain at then end of the day yesterday and the heat today...

 Was pretty excited to get this lady....

 Anyone need a leather strap?

Then the rain came....

Then the loading.... and mud....

 But we survived!!

Cammie :)


  1. So much terrific stuff! Were there less buyers due to the weather? That's always a plus if you can stick it out.

  2. I got some really great deals at the end when it was pouring down rain, everyone ran for cover except for me and the auctioneers! Of course I could hardly open my eyes from the rain but I managed!~

  3. Great finds!! I really enjoyed meeting you and seeing your amazing booth at the Festive Flea! Hope to see you around the vendor scene again.