Tuesday, January 29, 2013

New Finds~~~~ Passing on the Love For the Season~

I am loving my new find so much that I had to share my love with all of you!  These came out of a church built in 1880, now it is becoming a home for a young couple remodeling it and I got a sneek peek at what they are doing with it!  It is going to be fabulous, as it gets finished I will be doing a story on it to share with you!

This screen is 12 ft tall!

These are 7 ft tall and 5 ft wide!  Gotta love things that make an impact!  I think these should do it!

Check out the cool glass, it's that kind that you can't see through but has a textured design in the glass.
Enjoy the love!


  1. I am loving the windows and screens. I don't guess you're possibly coming to Texas anytime soon and could bring them with you *smile*