Sunday, March 18, 2012

My First Junk Truck Sale.....

Here she is, the old beauty, getting ready to head to her new home.....

We made it to our destination, even the sheriff had to come over and check it out!

It took a little analyzing....

 A little innovation.....

A little patience....

Some machine power.....

There she is in her new home, getting ready for her second life, greeting all of the customers at Holly's new shop called Cottonwood Lane in Ponca, Nebraska.  Make sure and stop by and check out the new shop as well as the old pickup truck!



  1. Love the old truck for sure. Very cool

  2. Love the old truck...I am a little jealous!It is going to look amazing!

  3. Oooooooh aaaaaah. That could almost be my hubby unloading my dream truck... IF ONLY! ;-P Love all the fun you share here and am your newest follower. I hope one day soon to open my own little tiny junk shop on our farm and will be checking back here often for inspiration! THANKS for all you share!

  4. Oh boy do these sequence of pictures look familiar! Thanks for sharing. I don't know how many times I have had to figure out some goofy way to load, secure, and pray that nothing falls off on the highway. Great job and beauty of a truck!

  5. The old truck is really beautiful! It just needs a new paint job, Cammie. I hope the new owner of this old truck would come up a unique design for it, or maybe he/she can bring it to Xzibit. LOL :P

    Evelyn Polanco

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