Thursday, August 11, 2011

Treasures Around Every Building and Field!!

Again, we are out rescuing junk from a fate that none of us want to think about, the scrap iron pile, or a burn pile. Check out the pile of great drawer fronts with little cast iron pulls on them. Does anyone have any great ideas for these jewels?

This is the house that is on this property. After visiting with the owner of this old beauty, he informed me that the house use to be an old drug store in a nearby town in the beginning of its life, it was then moved to this farm where it has been every since. But as all old things, it is slated to be burned down, so we are trying to salvage anything we can find before its fateful day.

Interesting huh? These are the steps to the basement of the house, it's a wide staircase for fast exits in case of unexpected residents.....

The inside has boxes of stuff and all kinds of things to discover.....

So, as we find things I will post photos of them so you can share my rescue experience with me. Have you rescued anything lately that was meeting an uncertain fate? Stay posted for pics of our finds!



  1. I just rescued a picket fence that was on the curb. I would love to have the reign on an old place to go through and pick.

  2. Picket fence is a great find, there are so many places you can use a piece of that!

  3. I want some of those drawer fronts!!!! Can't wait to see more... wish I was there to dig with you! Be safe!

  4. Oh boy wish I could tag along! have a great treasure hunt!

  5. How about hanging one (finger slot up) on the wall of your kitchen to hold a recipe while your baking...or three of them in different configurations with fresh flowers stuck into the pulls with oasis soaked in water...they'd last for days...or hanging on some decorative chain on a slant in a corner to tuck behind...the idea's are endless...loved this post

    Karena "A Loblolly Life"