Friday, June 24, 2011

Great Shops, Great Friends, and Great Junk.....

Last month we made a trip into the cities and it happened to be the sale weekend of all the coolest shops in Carver, MN.... Meet Sarah on the left and Jane on on the right. Sarah owns Seasons in Carver and Jane owns Mustard Moon.

This is a shop called The Garage , loved all of his stuff!

Adorable little table and chairs!

Teachers aids.... way cool!

One of Jane's creations over at Mustard Moon......

Ms. Mac's Too... she just opened their second location, very festive for the season!

If you make it to Carver it is well work the trip, there are at least 5 shops we visited, so check it out when you make your way north, well that is, north from where I am...



  1. What cool and fun stuff!! Gosh I hate to call it stuff when they are all such unique treasures!!

  2. Looks like a fun place. Definitely hope to get up to MN soon.