Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Check Out These Finds....

Been out looking for great things again and this is some of the things I found lately....

Love this fabric, love the contrast of the the black, pink and white, and there are yards of it....

My husband actually found these at a auction he was recently at......

They are old tailor's sample books, from 1910 - 1929, love the covers and size! They are about 30" x 18".

All the samples are gone but they are absolutely filled with old paper pictures from magazines and etc from the same time period.

Got an great ideas for a use for this old sign used to display the schedules of service for the church? It too is pretty big, measuring 5 ft x 3 ft.

Happy hunting to all of you, what have you found this week?



  1. LOVE the old church sign! My sister and brother-in-law go to a St. Paul's Lutheran Church. Have a great Thanksgiving, Dawn

  2. Hello! I found you via Itsy Bits and Pieces' sidebar -- saw a glimpse of your amazing fabric and had to check it out. And then to read 'there are yards of it' ... what a great find!

  3. I know just what to do with that church sign! How do I get it to my house? :)