Sunday, January 24, 2010

I'm Still Out Here... Just A Little Under The Weather..Literally!!

Just letting you know I am still out here, just a little under the weather, meaning under snow, ice, rain, and all the things that are related to it. We have had a challenging winter season so far, with power outages, no Internet service, no phone service and even our cell phones didn't work sometimes, 5 -6 days at a time being snowed in, digging out our driveway for 3 days just to get to the road. WOW!! I'm ready for spring!

I assure you I will be getting back on track, just playing catch up right now, but have some great things planned that will be coming down the pipes soon, so keep checking back.

See ya SOON!



  1. Wow...You've had a rough one this year...I am ready for spring here in Minnesota, too! Think I need to buy some spring plants to set out around the house...Looking forward to seeing what you have coming!

  2. Has this been a crazy winter or what? The joys of living in Nebraska and in the country in January just keep coming! Please tell me you are going to be open soon. I feel the need to go junkin!

  3. We are talking about doing something in a location in Wayne, which would be right in your neighborhood! Have to wait out his weather so we can have a good day for a sale. Thinking maybe in April! Will post about it on the blog so just keep watching. See ya soon!

  4. Hey girl! We've had it bad (So. MN) but nothing quite like you're describing. I'm guessing was fun for a few days but yikes 5 would have done me in...stir crazy! Anxious to catch up...I'd love to make a trip down to see you and absorb the junk world you've created.